Our engineers at work

Today’s underfloor heating systems are fully controllable.

Typically each room will have independent time and temperature control ensuring perfect comfort conditions to suit your lifestyle.

Control systems may also be connected online to enable control from smart phones, ipads and pc’s from anywhere in the world.

System Components

System Design

Using the latest design software we model the underfloor heating system to suit the site conditions.  This is particularly important when integrating renewable technologies as an optimised design can dramatically reduce running costs.

System design is one of the most important stages of an underfloor heating installation.  Comfort and efficiency need to be built in at the design stage to ensure that the installation process is as smooth as possible and the completed system works to expectations.  

We only use the highest quality components supplied by manufacturers with a proven track record.  Our systems are built to last, and include comprehensive manufacturer guarantees.

System Installation

Our engineers have been installing UFH systems in Guernsey for more than 15 years, we know how to tackle any size or complexity of system and use the latest thermal imaging technology to ensure that our systems are commissioned to exacting standards.

System Control

Trade and self build

Sarnia Energy Systems also offer a design and supply only service to the trade and self build market.

Please contact us for a free initial design and no obligation quotation.


We also provide a repair service for customers who are having problems with their underfloor heating systems.  

We provide this comprehensive service for all types of warm water underfloor heating systems and have the specialist knowledge and equipment to get your system fully operational in no time.

Underfloor heating creates perfect comfort conditions for modern day living. The entire home’s floor area is heated to gently radiate warmth into the room, eliminating drafts and cold spots associated with traditional heating methods.

A complete solution from Sarnia Energy Systems

By taking responsibility of the whole process, from initial design to final commissioning, we provide underfloor heating systems that are individually tailored to suit your home.  





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